11 age specific classes to suit children from 6 weeks to school age

Enrich the development of your child’s core skills at the integral developmental stages of their lives.

This Video Explains What GymbaROO Is.

Welcome to Mandurah GymbaROO

Here at Mandurah GymbaROO we enhance, support and encourage your child’s development through activity, play and music.

Our goal is to assist parents to enrich the natural development of their children from infancy all the way through to starting school. These are the most critical times for children’s development and GymbaROO helps kids reach their full potential at an early age giving them a solid foundation for a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

Why do parents choose GymbaROO Mandurah for their Child?

Tailored To Your Child's Level

We have 11 age specific classes to suit children from 6 weeks to school age. This ensures your child is always growing and developing.

Parent/Carer Participation

We encourage and support Parent/Carer participation which enables you to be actively involved in your child’s developmental process.

Tertiary Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are passionate individuals with tertiary qualifications who understand and apply the science behind child development.

Variety of Fun & Exciting Activities

Our classes incorporate exercises, music, singing, dancing, massage, parachute, balance and more. Every session is different and fun!

Here’s What Our Happy Parents & Carers Have To Say.

  • As a grandmother, watching, and sometimes participating in the sessions with Darcy, I think the Gymbaroo sessions are great !! Wish we had someting like this in my days of parenting. Mandurah Gymbaroo are so friendly.

    Leonie Darman
    Leonie Darman
  • I’m loving GymbaROO Mandurah! The atmosphere is incredible. My son who is 15months has been going since he was 8months old, he enjoys the classes so much with all the learning, interaction with the other kids and lots of fun play. I have also found it really great for me to learn new things to teach him at home. I really do believe that GymbaROO has helped him meet all his milestones and has advanced him on so many levels, it’s incredible the things he picks up just from 1 lesson a week! You really do get your moneys worth with each lesson being jam packed full of fun and learning I highly recommend it.

    Cazzandra Fenemor
    Cazzandra Fenemor
  • Our daughter Darcy loves her GymbaROO sessions. We learn so many great activities that we can practice at home. It’s excellent for her development.

    Jarita Darman
    Jarita Darman